Crowdtap’s Healthy Choice Baked Entrees Sample/Share

Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna entree that I purchased and tried!

Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna entree that I purchased and tried!


I’m always interested in saving money and am an avid coupon user. I also purchase Healthy Choice meals fairly regularly, especially when they are on sale and I can pair them with a coupon. So I was really excited about this sample and share, since $1 off of one entrée is a rather high-value coupon and I was pretty sure I’d enjoy the new Baked entrees from Healthy Choice!

I was able to share my link on Facebook and Twitter, and I know several friends clicked on it. I also recently visited my sister in CA for a short vacation, and I told her and her husband about the coupon and the sample/share. They each printed off a coupon and were excited to see what varieties they could find in the store!

My sister with her coupon!

My sister's husband with his coupon!

My sister’s husband with his coupon!

I’ve read that some people had issues printing off their coupon, which is definitely unfortunate. I printed mine early in the month, a little bit after the sample/share went live, and I had no problems printing and using my coupon in the store. I’m wondering if the coupon “ran out of prints”, which can happen for popular “printable” coupons since manufacturers usually set a limit on the total amount of coupons available that the public can print (which is different than an individual’s “print limit”, which is usually two per coupon/computer).  Hopefully most members participating in this sample/share were able to print and use a coupon to try out these new entrees.

I purchased and tried the Baked Lasagna variety using my coupon when they were on sale at the grocery store for 3 for $5. So after the $1 off coupon, I only paid $0.67 for the entree! I enjoyed the Baked Lasagna variety. It definitely tasted “healthier” than other frozen entrees I’ve tried, and was less salty with a thinner tomato base. Even though the lasagna appeared small in portion, it seemed adequate given that it was a hearty pasta dish with a fair amount of meat crumbles and melted cheese. It was very simple to prepare in the microwave, and although I did think it came out a little “watery”, the sauce thickened up upon standing for a few minutes and was generally enjoyable. Paired with some steamed vegetables, the Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna entree made for a nice meal!


Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna and steamed vegetables!


Thank you for the sample/share opportunity, Crowdtap!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this sample/share! I’ve tried other Healthy Choice products in the past, including their frozen dinners, soups, and shelf-stable microwaveable meals, and was excited for this chance to taste a new variety of Healthy Choice Baked Entrées using a coupon! I enjoyed it and will definitely look for these products in the future, especially if I can find a coupon to make them an even better value!


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