Truvia Natural Sweetener Sample and Share

As a member of the TruFan Community on Crowdtap, I was recently given the opportunity to sample and share Truvia Natural Sweetener! With the arrival of winter and colder weather, which is always accompanied by an increase in the number of warm beverages like hot tea and coffee that I drink, I was sure I’d be able to put the Truvia to good use!

I received two sample sachets for the sampling activity, each containing two single-serving packets (the size of a regular sugar packet) and a $0.55 coupon for any Truvia natural sweetener product. I was to use one of the sachets for myself, and share the other one with a friend/family member.

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Given that I use no-calorie sweeteners pretty regularly when I drink tea or coffee, I was excited to learn that Truvia is made from the leaves of the stevia plant, so it is “natural” rather than “synthetic” like other sugar alternatives such as aspartame, sucralose, and saccharin. Even though the stevia goes through a process of refinement, the only three ingredients in Truvia are all natural—stevia leaf extract, erythritol, and natural flavors—which seems like a better, healthier choice than totally artificial sweeteners.

As Truvia also has no calories, it is a good choice for individuals watching their diet and sugar intake. My mother has Type 2 Diabetes, so she has to limit her sugar consumption, even though she LOVES sweet foods/drinks! Like many other people, she is particularly fond of coffee, and usually mixes in sugar and cream to “flavor” and “enhance” her hot beverage. Given her health concerns and her need to watch her sugar intake, I thought that she’d be the perfect person to share my Truvia sample with! And because a total of FOUR individual-serve packets of Truvia were provided, I thought it would be nice to share with my father as well, given that he is also a huge coffee drinker!

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When I visited my parents over the weekend, I brought the Truvia packets for them to try with their coffee! My mother was interested to learn about Truvia. The fact that it comes from the stevia plant and is natural appealed to her, since she has always been concerned with the possible health consequences from consuming too much artificial sweeteners/products. The “no calories” and “no effect on glycemic index” were also positives for her!

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So, what did we think of the taste?

We were all pleasantly surprised with the taste and strength of sweetness that Truvia imparted to our beverages. I know that sugar substitutes often have a somewhat strange, synthetic or chemical taste; and even though I am personally used to the flavor of artificial sugars, I know that they can be aversive to some people. I didn’t feel like the Truvia had that “unpleasant” and somewhat “off-putting” characteristic that I have found with some other sugar substitutes, and my parents agreed with that assessment. My mother and father also commented that they liked the amount of sweetness given by the Truvia. One packet of Truvia is supposed to provide the same sweetness as two teaspoons of regular sugar, and my mother, father, and I all thought that the Truvia was adequately “strong” and perfect for our individual servings of hot beverages.

So overall, my parents and I all enjoyed the Truvia samples provided by Crowdtap and the TruFan Community. We were most impressed by the amount of flavoring and “pure taste” of the Truvia, as well as the fact that it comes from an all-natural plant source. Since my mother has badgered me for some time about the level of artificial sugars I consume, she is happy that Truvia is a more natural option that still provides the necessary sweetness level and taste of sugar, and has told me I should replace my other sugar substitutes with Truvia. We were also delighted with the coupons provided, since that would help us purchase some Truvia products to use on our own in the future.

So thank you Crowdtap and the Truivia TruFan Community for giving me and my parents an opportunity to try out your natural zero-calorie sweetener! Given that we enjoyed the samples, the taste and sweetness as well as the fact that Truvia is “all natural”, I’m sure we will be using it in our hot beverages to chase away the cold temperatures this winter!

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