The Spread Possibilities Hershey’s Spreads Sample and Share!

As a member of the Hershey’s Spread Possibilities crowd on Crowdtap, I was recently given the opportunity to sample the new Hershey’s Spreads. These spreads come in three varieties: Chocolate, Chocolate with Almond, and Chocolate with Hazelnut. I was sent a jar of the Chocolate with Almond flavor to try out!

The jar of Hershey's Spreads: Chocolate With Almond that I received!

The jar of Hershey’s Spreads: Chocolate With Almond that I received!

Unfortunately, due to some shipping delays because of the weather and the holidays, my sample did not arrive before the second week of the New Year, and I wasn’t able to share it with as many people as I had originally planned. I had hoped to receive the jar of Hershey’s spread during the winter holidays, since my sister and her husband were visiting and I knew they’d enjoy trying it. Nevertheless, I was still able to share this sample with my parents this weekend, and we had fun pairing it with different “bases” like fruits, breads, crackers, and cookies!

Jar of Hershey's Spreads with some different sample pairings!

Jar of Hershey’s Spreads with some different sample pairings!

The fruit we had on hand that we thought would taste delicious with the Hershey’s spread included apples and bananas. We also tried the spread on whole wheat bread, Royal Dansk butter cookies, shortbread cookies, and saltines!

My mother and me trying out the Hershey's Spread!

My mother and me trying out the Hershey’s Spread!

The Hershey’s Spread with Almonds was DELECTABLE! It was really luscious, rich, and creamy, and had a wonderfully wholesome chocolate taste that I’d expect from the Hershey’s company! It was really sweet, so a little bit went a long way when spreading it on the various fruits and breads we tried! I really liked the hint of Almond flavor, since I’m a fan of nuts in general, and I’d be excited to try the Hazelnut variety as well. I felt like the nutty undertones to the chocolate spread gave it an overall well-roundedness and more “substantial” feeling, and I liked the uniqueness and layers of flavors.

Taking some samples!

Taking some samples!

Spreading Hershey's Chocolate Spread on an apple slice!

Spreading Hershey’s Chocolate Spread on an apple slice!

My parents also really enjoyed the spread, although they commented that it is really sweet. Since my mother has Type 2 Diabetes, she said she’d have to watch how much of it she consumed. But she also said that it would be a nice “treat”, especially when paired with more healthy foods like fruits and whole-grain bread or crackers. It would be a perfect topping that enhances the flavors of more healthy foods/snacks, and would be delicious even in small quantities.

My dad enjoying an apple slice with the Hershey's Spread!

My dad enjoying an apple slice with the Hershey’s Spread!

My mom and dad trying the Hershey's Spread with different "bases"!

My mom and dad trying the Hershey’s Spread with different “bases”!

Even though all the pairings were tasty, we all agreed that the apples were our favorite out of what we tried. The crispness and slight tartness of the apple contrasted well with the sweetness of the Hershey’s spread, and it felt like the most “balanced” pairing out of those we sampled. We didn’t have any strawberries or fresh pineapple available, but I’d be interested in trying those fruits as bases for the Hershey’s spread. I also think that some plain wheat crackers or multi-grain crackers would be delicious paired with the Hershey’s spread as well!

I’m also interested in using the Hershey’s spread in some baking recipes to make yummy desserts! Like I mentioned above, the flavor is very genuine and I think it would be a wonderful ingredient to make high-quality-tasting baked goods. I look forward to finding some recipes to try out in the future!

Yummy chocolatey pairings!

Yummy chocolatey pairings!

So overall, my parents and I really enjoyed being able to sample the new Hershey’s Spread! Even though it was really sweet for our palates, we liked the chocolate and almond flavor and we all agree that it would be wonderful as a treat/dessert, especially when paired with some fruit and perhaps while enjoying some sips of coffee and/or tea!


Thank you Crowdtap and Hershey’s for giving me this opportunity to sample the Hershey’s Spread with Almond! It was delicious, and I’m excited to continue finding more delectable pairings and uses for the spread in the future!


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