U By Kotex Sample and Share!

As a member of Crowdtap, I recently had the opportunity to participate in a U By Kotex Sample and Share activity!

I was sent two adorable U by Kotex zipper tins, one for me and one for a friend! Each tin included:

– 2 liners
– 2 tampons
– GenKnow bracelet

U by Kotex Zipper Tin!

U by Kotex Zipper Tin!

I thought the zipper tins were very cute, and I loved the colors. I thought the bright colors paired nicely against the greater black background, and although there was definitely a sense of “femininity”, it wasn’t overly “girly” or “frilly”. The tin itself would make a nice travel pack where you could store other toiletries besides just the items for that “time of the month”!

Zipper Tin open to show contents!

Zipper Tin open to show contents!

I shared the other sample tin with my coworker Anna, since she is around the same age as me so she probably has the same “needs” as me! 😉 I also thought she’d like to learn about and try out U by Kotex, and who wouldn’t want a cute zipper tin! 😀

Anna with her sample tin!

Anna with her sample tin!

A bit embarrassed! :D

A bit embarrassed! 😀

Anna was a bit embarrassed, and we both laughed about the sample share good naturedly. But I think that sort of highlights how much we DO need to raise “period awareness” in our society. It’s true that the menstrual cycle has been a bit of a “taboo” subject for many years, but it’s an important topic that women should feel comfortable discussing nowadays. It’s a natural human/female process that we shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed of! That’s why I particularly applaud U by Kotex’s campaign goal to increase awareness and acceptance among women regarding our periods.

Me with my sample tin!

Me with my sample tin!

Included in the tins were a GenKnow bracelet with a nice “I Know” silver trinket strung on threads made up of the U by Kotex colors. The “meaning” behind this bracelet is to proclaim our “pride” as women and going against the outdated notions of “staying silent” about our periods. It’s a testament to our increasing acceptance of ourselves and our openness to sharing truth and knowledge about our bodies!

GenKnow bracelet!

GenKnow bracelet!

Another shot of the GenKnow bracelet...for Generation in the Know!

Another shot of the GenKnow bracelet…for Generation in the Know!

Overall, I found the U by Kotex Sample and Share to be a fun and empowering opportunity, and my coworker whom I shared with also enjoyed it very much.

So thank you once again, U by Kotex and Crowdtap, for this opportunity to receive and try out U by Kotex products!


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