Listerine 21 Day Challenge Sample and Share!!

We all know how important it is to maintain our oral health, but sometimes brushing and flossing doesn’t seem to do enough by themselves! So I was excited when I was recently given the chance to participate in Listerine’s 21 Day Challenge and Sample and Share from Crowdtap! I was sent two full sized bottles of Listerine Cool Mint, one to use myself for the 21 day challenge period, and one to share with family/friends to help them experience the benefits of using Listerine as well. Listerine’s challenge promises that users will “feel a difference” and that swishing with Listerine every day will be the first step towards a healthier mouth!


Listerine Cool Mint Bottle!

Listerine Cool Mint Bottle!

According to Listerine’s website, brushing actually misses 75% of your mouth, which can give rise to bacteria that causes bad breath, gingivitis, cavities, plaque, and other oral problems! Listerine is a powerful mouthwash that helps you reach closer to cleaning 100% of your mouth and leaves you feeling fresh and clean. It’s the #1 Dentist Recommended Mouthwash and is “the only nationally branded antimicrobial mouthwash to receive the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance for fighting plaque and gingivitis”.


I’ve always known that Listerine is a trusted and effective brand, so I was excited to jump right into the 21 Day Challenge and start my journey to a healthier mouth!


Here is the bottle of Listerine Cool Mint that I used for the 21 Day Challenge. The Aqua color definitely looked refreshing, and after removing the cap I could smell the powerful clean scent of the mouthwash itself! The mint aroma was sharp and crisp, and even before swishing I could tell that the mouthwash would be potent!


"Kills Germs that Cause Bad Breath, Plaque & the Gum Disease Gingivitis"

“Kills Germs that Cause Bad Breath, Plaque & the Gum Disease Gingivitis”


I usually “measure” out my mouthwash in the cap, so here is a photo of the Listerine cap filled about halfway…ready to be swished!


Listerine in Cap!

Listerine in Cap!


As part of the challenge, we were asked to take some “Swish Selfies”, sometimes with different poses, and to submit them for a chance to win $500 from Listerine! The first one asked for a “Sunglasses Swish”, but unfortunately I don’t own any sunglasses. But I do wear regular glasses!




The second week’s Swish Selfie was for a “Goofy Face Swish”! I’m guessing my face naturally looks goofy when I swish with Listerine, because the mouthwash is so strong it leads to some rather funny expressions! My mouth always feels like it is exploding with freshness when I swish with Listerine!


Pucker up! Strong!!

Pucker up! Strong!!


The third week’s Swish Selfie asked for a “Strike a Pose/Model Swish”! I’m definitely NOT a model, but I tried my best for that “sultry” model look! 😀 At least Listerine can help my mouth feel “model clean”, even if I’m not modeling material!


Well...even if I can't be a model, Listerine helps my mouth feel "model clean"! :)

Well…even if I can’t be a model, Listerine helps my mouth feel “model clean”! 🙂


Overall, I was rather impressed with Listerine’s cleaning power and how fresh it made my mouth feel. I could definitely sense it working, and it was almost a challenge in and of itself to keep swishing for a full 30 seconds sometimes! I could tell that Listerine was effective, and my mouth always felt refreshed and “sparkling” after rinsing with the cool mint mouthwash. There was no question about it…I was sure Listerine was killing off the bad oral bacteria!


But for me personally, I think the Cool Mint was a bit TOO strong! The tissues of my mouth/tongue are really sensitive and often chafe if I eat anything too spicy, hot, or cold…so the strength of the Cool Mint Listerine was almost overwhelming. This is really just my personal issue though, and I’m sure others who do not experience mouth sensitivities like me would benefit greatly from Listerine Cool Mint. But even though I personally found the Cool Mint variety to be TOO intense, I liked the fact that I could trust that the mouthwash was working, and I’d definitely choose a less intense flavor/variety to use in the future. I researched a bit on Listerine’s website, and found that their Listerine Total Care Zero is a less intense but just as effective mouthwash which seems perfect for my needs! I’ll definitely try this line in the future!


Listerine Total Care Zero (from Listerine's website)! Seems like a product I should try!

Listerine Total Care Zero (from Listerine’s website)! Seems like a product I should try!


I decided to share my other bottle with my parents, since they are becoming increasingly concerned about their oral health as they age. I told them the benefits of using Listerine and “challenged” them to try it for the 21 days. Just like me, they were really impressed with how strong and fresh Listerine made their mouths feel, and my mother even told me that she thinks it helped reduce my father’s bad breath! They said that while the mouthwash “stung” a bit, it was a “good sting” that let them know that it was working to kill the germs and bacteria, leading to a healthier mouth!


Checking out their teeth...!

Checking out their teeth…!


My parents and their bottle of Listerine!

My parents and their bottle of Listerine!

So in the end, both my parents and I were pleased with the results from using Listerine for the 21 Day Challenge! We found it to be an effective product that did indeed lead to a cleaner and healthier-feeling mouth! While I personally would seek a “less intense” variety, I know my parents were pretty happy with the Cool Mint and we’d all continue to use the Listerine brand in the future.


Thanks for a cleaner, fresher mouth!

Thanks for a cleaner, fresher mouth!


So thank you Crowdtap and Listerine for giving us the opportunity to freshen our mouths and improve our oral hygiene with Listerine Mouthwash! It was a challenge worth facing!


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